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The School of Vedic Sciences is seeking your permission for photographs of your child/children to be taken during school activities and to publish the photographs and or work on School’s Newsletter, School’s Website, Community Language School Newsletter, Social media like platforms Facebook, Twitter, Community Newspapers, etc. The permission entitles the school to photograph and publish photographs/work of your child/children. Your child's photograph/work may be reproduced either in color or in black and white. Your child's/children's photograph/work will not be used for any purpose other than for general promotion of languages education in Community Language School. Any photographs will be kept for no longer than is necessary for the above mentioned purposes and will be stored and disposed of securely. While every effort will be made to protect the identity of your child, the Community Language School cannot guarantee that your child will not be able to be identified from the photograph/work. If you agree to permit the Community Language School to take photographs of your child/children, and to publish the photographs/work of your child, in the manner detailed above, please provide consent. This consent, if provided, will remain effective until such time as you advise the Community Language School otherwise.

I agree with the following arrangements:

  • Pay upfront a non refundable annual fee as applicable. 
  • Closely monitor my son/daughter’s progress on Sanskrit Language and provide feedback for improvement. 
  • Accept that if my son/daughter’s place may become vacant if they are absent for three continuous weeks without explanation. 
  • Drop off and pick my son/daughter by myself or my nominee for Sanskrit classes and any other functions organized by Sanskrit School. 
  • Authorize the school to take appropriate welfare and discipline actions on students as per school policies.
  • Attend all Parent and Teacher meetings as per school calendar. 

I abide by these arrangements and wish to enroll my son/daughter at the above Sanskrit School.

I agree to Sydney Sanskrit School to apply for Per Capita Grant on behalf of my child/children *
If your answer is No then "Fees will be higher for those not part of the grants and will be advised separately"

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